IAMAIR Project Launch
2 March 2024 - Museumnacht Rotterdam - Depot Boijmans van Beuningen
Another kind of tour with performances by artist and actors among the collection.

Performance interventions by artists Elisa Strinna, Joshua Thies, June Yu, Katharina Thomas, Lisa Meijer and Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres.  Performances brought to life by actors Annelou Bangert, Jason Gwen and Josebelle Silva.
 Many thanks to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen for their support and collaboration <3
The Water That Moves You, 2023
WateryBeings brings you a soundwalk designed for a specific section along the river Maas in the city centre of Rotterdam. The audio includes parallel narratives of different characters that blend the past, present, and future together. They speculate on our watery destiny from particular angles of the river as a trade carrier, a public space, a potential threat as the water levels are rising and a place for contemplation. 
Please download the echoes.xyz app for access, as the app uses geolocation data to trigger the different sound files. Environmental sound and field recordings by Joshua Thies.  More information at https://www.waterybeings.nl/

 RADIO PALEIS - Gemaal op Zuid, Maashaven, Rotterdam
30 January 2022
Performances and discussions with radio makers.


 RAAR SOUND SERIES - een kunstcentrum - 29 October 2021
First concert in a series of events at Een Kunstcentrum that will include sound installation, sound structures, performance art and electronic music. 

Lineup: 19:00 • Nika Schmitt - Sonic Objects
20:00 • Ana Brumat - "Chords, strings, bows, rusty ships and fog"
20:30 • De Tapijttegels - Tape Loops
21:00 • Lukas Simonis - Guitar noise
21:30 • RAAR radio DJ


New sound and voice works by Justine McDonnell & Joshua Thies
22-27 October 2021

Current resident artists Justine McDonnell and Joshua Thies present the outcomes of their three months residency at Het Wilde Weten. Both artists explore sound in their practice, and have been researching the local contexts of the building of Het Wilde Weten and the harbour of Rotterdam respectively through the voice and sound recordings.







Performance Art and Sound Event Celebrating 5 Years of Rotterdam Art And Radio


•Saturday 25 September•
14:00 RAAR Podcast
15:00 De Tapijttegels
16:00 Ana Brumat (fingers crossed)
17:00 Ege Sahin
18:00 Dan Tuomey
19:00 Ryan Cherewaty
20:00 Geier aus Stahl LIVE
•Sunday 26 September•
14:00 RAAR Podcast
15:00 Mint Park aka BAKÁH (DJ set)
16:00 Matthias Hurtl
17:00 Blondewednesday DJ


Panic Field recording composition, 26:39, 2020


Field recording composition with sounds found in art spaces, plazas and nature spots around Rotterdam, Netherlands and Vienna, Austria.


Hurluberlu Field recording composition, 14:14, 2020


Composition of sounds found in the vicinity of Montpellier, France
in the first pandemic summer.
Vocal contributions by
Ghislain Amar and Lucia Rosenfeld.

"Everything's gonna be fine" - PEACH 

20 November - 13 Decmeber 2020
A mosaic work and some wearables by Joshua Thies
Opening: Friday 20 November 14:00


CO/LAB 4 - Torrance Art Museum
30 March - 17 May 2019
RAAR is streaming the full event live with contributions by
Ghislain Amar, Ellen Phan, Carolina Hicks and more.
Opening reception Saturday 30 March 3:30pm

Rotterdam Art And Radio #39 - Roodkapje turns 18
15 December 2018, 1pm-2am
RAAR is streaming the full event live: Brunch, market, 
performances, bands, babes, Djs and dancers.

RAAR is on Mixlr

"RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)," Anxious City Festival, Rotterdam, NL, 2018
 Hosted by Joshua Thies with Agnes Momirski and Michiel Huijben
On the subject of anxiety and wellness in the digital age.
Listen to episode #30 (part 1)
Listen to episode #30 (part 2)

"Garment Factory Glass (Confectiefabriek)," ZigZagCity Festival, Rotterdam, NL 2018
Site specific sound installation based on the historical use of a factory building undergoing renovation.
Listen to "Garment Factory Glass"

"Infinite Outwardness Performance," 2018
by Henrietta Müller & Joshua Thies
Binaural sound performance with cosmological noise and voice.  
Varia, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Listen to the instrumental version (no voice).

"Stored Potential & Laser Beam Escalator," 2017
Six channel sound installation, video projection and glass melting performance.
These three works meet at the crossing of ASMR, Prince Rupert's Drops and
motivational/self-help rhetoric.  
W Y, sound art space, Łódź, Poland.

"Gabo Scream Queen," 2016  Four channel performance/sound installation, 30min
Audio artwork inspired by and composed for Untitled Constructivist Sculpture by Naum Gabo, 1957 which now stands by the entrance to a major department store on Coolsingel in Rotterdam, NL.

Listen to Gabo Scream Queen

"Night Knights," 2016, video/audio installation, 10min 25sec loop
Shown in context of Freierfest, First Annual Festival of Contemporary Art in Odessa, Ukraine
Volume is prepared for deep listening.  Please use headphones or earbuds.
Watch "Night Knights"

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is a streaming platform for Audio Arts, Sound Art, Debate, Discussion, Music, Performance and more related to the audible broadcast medium.   Produced and performed by Joshua Thies in context of Charlois Speciaal Festival 2016.

RAAR is on Mixlr

Listen to RAAR: http://mixlr.com/raar/showreel/

RAAR PROGRAM (subject to change)
Every Day, 10-15 June, 15:00-18:00 also tune in to our extremely local FM frequency thanks to Dennis de Bel.  92.4 FM

Friday 10
15:00 Intro to RAAR by Joshua Thies
15:30 Ambient Interiors Field Recordings
16:00 Rampazzo
16:30 Past Events - Aymeric de Tapol (Pre-recorded live WOLFART Projectspace)

Saturday 11
15:00 Sebastien Seynaeve - une autre vision -
16:00 Yann Leguay & Vincent Mallasis (Pre-recorded live WOLFART Projectspace)
17:00 Terre T

Sunday 12
15:00 Lukas Simonis - Trash Mix
16:00 Patricia Pluijmers & Donald Schenkel
17:00 Natasha Taylor's Objects

Monday 13
15:00 Oana Clițan introduces Conversas
16:00 Jozeth van der Snepscheut
17:00 thorN (Thorsten Nass)

Tuesday 14
15:00 Anna Mikhailova Quartet
16:00 Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt)
17:00 NIKA

Wednesday 15
15:00 Kathrin Wolkowicz
16:00 Pia Louwerens
17:00 FGA (Fucking Good Art)
18:00 Simon Kentgens

Advisors: Thanks to Natasha Taylor, Dennis de Bel, Beorn, Merijn, Tor Jonsson, Radboud Mens and Toek at http://dfm.nu/

RAAR is an initial trial program which we intend to expand to a daily broadcast in the future.

2014 publication with works by artists from Hellebou residency
Link to Hellebou

"these fields," 2014, video on tablet with headphones 
Shown in context of 'november second' art event 
Location: 51°56'28" N 4°27'15" E 
More information about the event: http://novembersecond.hotglue.me/  
Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/111004533


"Mastering Gaze or Untitled Photo Series," 2014 

"In Free Fall," 2014, Video loop, 18'  
A specific reaction to Steyerl's essay, this work makes use of media that attempt to synthesize the grounded human experience represented in Google Earth.  Locations were chosen based on recent events concerning pirating off the coast of Somalia and container shipping through the Gulf of Aden and the Suez canal.  Some of the narrative text comes directly from Steyerl's essay plus original anecdotal material by the artist.  Special thanks to SND, Laurie Spiegel, Alva Noto, Avus and Veronica Olivotto for sound, music and field recording contributions.  
Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/103744166
Please contact the artist for video passwords

Circuits Collection - White Wall Project
Each artist is free to use the theme he or she sees fit, freedom is absolute in this sense, the artist is free to intervene in the space in any way he or she believes is suitable. Visitors can observe how diverse forms of expression can coexist within the same space and become a message. The first edition takes place at Café LaBru, Rotterdam (NL). Artists include: Hanneke van der Werf (NL), Peter Hoijmakers(NL), Yoshiyuki Koinuma (JP), Joshua Thies (US), Isabel Marcos (SP), Alejandra Huerta (CHI/NL), Ivo van den Baar (NL), Inge Aanstoot (NL) and Piet Rogie (NL).  More info here. 

'Non-action at a distance'  
 Patterns we can see from such a distance as that of orbiting satellites and gazing at our planet promote a sense of possession over these territories. The images in this video work were captured via Google Earth in the outback of Australia and the text comes from various sources about the history of photography and flight, self-help/motivational books and finally a fictional element written by myself. The drawings capture various ways of seeing surfaces at both micro and macroscopic distances. The images refer to places on Earth's surface that can be viewed via satellite or high altitude flight photography as well as microscopic imagery based on forms created by nano technology. Each image is a mixture of human intervention in the landscape and human intervention in artificial production of microscopic surfaces.  Field recordings of the 'booming desert' phenomenon compose the soundtrack.  See stills below.  
Link to the video:  https://vimeo.com/103737449
Contact the artist for video password to view.