'DIY Cermonial,' 2009 (Expodium-site specific sound and sculpture performance for Terrain Vagues)
Quick explanation: We (a group of about 30 people) arrived at an apartment by a train of limousines (the work of Maze de Boer). The performance you see here lasted about 30 minutes. It began with me speaking to the guests through a megaphone about Do-it-yourself lifestyle and the profundity of such culture in the city of Utrecht. I then asked everyone to take a few pieces of gum that were ready to chew from one of the many champagne glasses placed around the dining table. As the guests enjoyed this refreshment I performed a few songs on my CASIO LK-100, a keyboard that teaches one how to play various American folk songs and some international classical numbers. I then asked everyone to carry the archways that were scattered around the room to a site nearby where we placed them in a circle and christened, what I consider to be a monument, by tossing our gum over the structure.