PEACH at W139 
The Life Intense
RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)
18 Nov - 18 Dec 2016

For the duration of one month, W139 will be PEACH — the apartment and artist-run space normally located at Grondherendijk 9b, Oud Charlois, Rotterdam. The exhibition will offer a personal look upon the community and ethos of PEACH. It is an explosion of the domestic. Both a physical caricature of the original apartment, highlighting the qualities of familiarity and intimacy found in a home, as well as a continuation of Peach's role as host — the temporary apartment on the Warmoesstraat will house five exhibitions over the course of one month.

RAAR will broadcast during The Life Intense, two days of performances in W139.  Listen 16 & 17 December 14:00-18:00.  Lineup can be found at RAAR on FB.

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)
at Grand Opening ClubGusto
8 & 9 October 2016

The Grand Opening of ClubGusto includes an exhibition of new artworks by 30 artists, performances by musicians, poets and dancers, plus DJ's into the night.  RAAR is present for two days live streaming sound art, interviews and noise by Rotterdam based artists.  Check for the lineup and more details on the FB invitation.

Weekly informal meetings to share projects and interests.
5 October 2016

"Cosmic Tingles"
For Conversas, Joshua Thies will introduce ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) as an internet phenomenon and as a reference point for his own work.

During the event three Conversadores bring something to share with the gathered group, for thirty minutes each. As the title suggests itself, Conversas (Conversations in Portuguese) offer an equal set up from which all can benefit.  

Conversas is a project initiated in Lisbon by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes, in 2012.
Nowadays, it's a project of many people and cities.

Radio Drama
Representation of Self in Transit
by Natasha Taylor
4 October 2016

Inspired by the book "Self," written by Barry Dainton.  Taylor has created a story around an existential wifi repeater and all those who connect to it.

Cast:  Wabbesch Wabbesch, Henrike Scholten, Leonard Witte, Femke Bakker, Bergur Thomas Anderson, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Joshua Thies, Alban Karsten Bras
Produced by Worm/Klangendum.

Samenstelling: Lukas Simonis & Henk Bakker

First Annual Festival of Contemporary Art in Odessa, Ukraine
24-30 August 2016

Artists included:
«Pivnyky Time», Eugor, Fractale Bruno, Hageman Elleke, Norman Behrendt, Thies Joshua, Roitburd Alexander, Akhtyrsky Andrei, Babchinsky Andrei, Bonder Vadim, Waldron Irina, The greatness of Eugene, Vasilina Verdi, Gankevich Anatoly, David Grigoryan, Roman Gromov, Dombrovskaya Elena, Dёkina Olga, Dremov Alexander, Zhalobnyuk Stas, Zheleztsov Arnold, Seidel Igor, Zvezdochetova Larisa, Kashkarova Tatiana, Karabinovich Nikolai, Kanivets Oksana, Sergey Kononov, Valentin Lapshin, Lizogub Constantine, Nikolai Lukin, Oleksa Mann, Sergei Melnichenko, Oz Francoise, Zoya Orlova, Pavlishin Constantine, Perevertun Bogdan, Prigodich Svetlana, Pronkina Elena, Lev Reisman, Salov Andrew, Sonin Benjamin, Oleg Kharchenko, Nikita Choi, Shabel'nikov Yury, Ehrlich Dima 

Charlois Speciaal Art Festival
Rotterdam Art And Radio
10-19 June 2016



During Charlois Speciaal Programer, Joshua Thies, presents RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio).  RAAR is a program of live streaming performance of sound/audio artworks and discussions with the following contributors:  Rampazzo, Aymeric de Tapol, Sebastien Seynaeve, Vincent Malasis, Yann Leguay, Terre T, Lukas Simonis, Patricia Pluijmers & Donald Schenkel, Natasha Taylor, Oana Clițan introduces Conversas, Jozeth van der Snepscheut, thorN (Thorsten Nass), Anna Mikhailova Quartet, Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt), NIKA, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Pia Louwerens, FGA (Fucking Good Art), Simon Kentgens, Mentaxis, Nina Brouwer Vertigo, Post Office, Philipp Ernsting & Arvind Ganga Duo, Alexandre Furtado, Veronica Olivotto with Aetzel Griffoen, Esther Kokmeijer, Anni Puolakka, The Holls Collective

Paviljoen ...aan het Water presents:
Sound & Images
Opening 21 June 2015

 Aan het Water is a project space and residency. During South Explorer, Paviljoen … aan het Water presents works by Joshua Thies (USA/NL), Jacco Weener (NL), Gwyn Rhys Jones (UK), Marc Torres (SP), Chrs Galarreta (Peru) en Elias Peña Salvador (SP)

Sound & Images

21:30 – performances
- Jacco Weener_improvised performance_”solo-show”
Chrs Galarreta_Sajjra  (sound performance)


The Art Department at UCSB presents:
Recent work by artists based in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Opening 24 February 2015
Red Barn Project Space

The first manifestation in a series of visual arts exchanges between South Holland and California.  WOLFART Projectspace and its programers bring an overview of new art in Rotterdam to UCSB.  Our aim is to provide both an exchange of space and discourse around current art production and development of artist communities.  The exhibition stands as a result of discussions between artists and organizers.  We intend that after the exhibition comes down that a dialog remains and continues.  The artists request visitors to respond to and question their work via direct email contact.  
Link to Red Barn Project Space

2 November 2014

This is the first of a series of exhibitions which will be held in different outdoor locations in Rotterdam. It will happen in an ex-sports field in the north. These occasions will take place on one day, most likely on a Sunday.


Link to event

30 May-1 June 2014 

KUNSTWEEKEND CHARLOIS is a biannual event showcasing art, performance and music in Rotterdam south of the river.  3 days of events, exhibitions and concerts in more than 15 locations throughout the neighborhood of Charlois.  

AETHER: MAZE OF SOUNDS is the Saturday night sound event in the context of Kunstweekend Charlois.  Programing by Marco Douma and Joshua Thies.  

AETHER is a periodical sound event based in Rotterdam. 


29 March-11 April 2014

In Free Fall, an exhibition inspired by Hito Steyerl's essay by the same title.  We present a collection of works that incorporate 'watching from a distance' and 'a view from above' as a basis for production.  Curated by Emma van der Put and Joshua Thies.  

Link to event

Video works by Esther Kokmeijer, Emma van der Put and Rachel Carey
6-9 February 2014

All works by 3 women practicing in Rotterdam incorporate sound as an essential element in the final interpretation of the visual image.  Esther Kokmeijer will show her video work "A12," produced during her stay in Arnhem working on the 'Forbidden Landscape' project from G.A.N.G.  More info and links here.

Link to event

27 Nov 2013  

ART RALLY also known as DRAWING RALLY is a periodic, nomadic, live art making event held in various locations throughout the city of Rotterdam.  Artists bring their studio practice to public spaces for one day with an auction to support further programing at the end of each event.  Organization by Joshua Thies.  More information and links to artists works here.  

Link to event

VERONICA OLIVOTTO - Solo Photography Exhibition  
28 April-28 May 2013  

In the context of SOUTH EXPLORER, LAAT hosts this solo exhibition.  Selected photographic works with a focus on a unique perspective of unfamiliar territories are on view.  Architecture, commerce and constructed nature appear as recurring themes.  Curated by Joshua Thies. 

'IN_FLUX Exhibition and Artist-Run Space Conference'  
26-29 May 2011

Occupy Space is proud to present in_flux, a large scale alternative art fair exhibition which brings together ten artist-led project spaces from Ireland, UK and Europe. This temporary hub invites the public and art practitioners to engaging in a weekend of performances, screenings, exhibitions, art viewing and dialogue.

This project considers the model of artist-led spaces, which provide alternative frameworks for art practices and represent communities where ‘doing-it-yourself’ and experimentation are key activities. Artist-led spaces are vital, energetic elements of the visual art fabric of many cities. This exhibition, consisting of pop-up galleries from each artist-led space, makes reference to an non-traditional art-fair format in which non-profit artist-led spaces present exhibitions rather than commercial galleries striving to sell work.  Link to event

Artist-led spaces participating in in_flux include:
126, Galway
Block T, Dublin
Transmission, Glasgow
Basement Project Space, Cork
Transition, London
Monster Truck, Dublin
WOLFART, Rotterdam
Catalyst, Belfast 
SOMA, Waterford
1646, The Hague

'Queen of Sciences'  
1 April-1 May 2011

Organized by: Ghislain Amar (FR) and Joshua Thies (US)
Artists:  Jaques Julien (FR), Hidde van Schie (NL), Marion Jaulin (FR), Giles Bailey (UK), Karin Hueber (DE), Sue Tompkins (UK)

An exhibition of fine art and music performance which will include an international group of artists and performers.  We are working together with organizers from WOLFART Projectspace, Piet Zwart Institute and Dek22.  One of our goals as curators is to bring artists based in Rotterdam in contact with artists from other cities in The Netherlands, countries in Europe and beyond.  It is imperative that Rotterdam based artists are represented and have the opportunity to develop new ideas and projects side by side with foreign artists to further develop international networks and relations.
Aristotle defines metaphysics as "the knowledge of immaterial being," or of "being in the highest degree of abstraction." He refers to metaphysics as "first philosophy", as well as "the theologic science."
The organizers have taken the exhibition title 'Queen of Sciences' from Aristotle's writings on theology which he also described as the queen of sciences.  Some of the terms we have discussed are the following: metaphysics, allegory, play, sports, desire, presentations of the world, poetic perception, grasping and producing life, and holistic.  For this exhibition we have searched for artists who are interested in the unknown, the uncanny or the indescribable as a reference for their work and a challenge to create such an experience.  We, the organizers, see qualities in the above artists and their works to potentially tell stories or to describe very specific moments through abstraction of form, in performance, or through sound.  The exhibition will include sculptural installations, unique objects, video, theatrical and musical performance.


WOLFART Projectspaces hosts 3 bands back to back in this edition of WOLFEST
Be on time ‘cause we also want to make our way to the Aether Tones & Talks event for their one year anniversary party after the concert. Here’s the agenda and check the links below for some samples of these great live acts and the Aether archive.

VIDEOTIME presents:  
Simultaneous screenings of Funny Games (1997) and Funny Games US (2007)

I have been a great admirer of film director, Michael Haneke since about 2002.  I found it curious that he would bother remaking his German language film Funny Games (1997) ten years later to appeal to an American audience.  Funny Games US (2007) follows the precise plotlines, camera angles, timing, costuming and set design of the original with only slight variations.  Haneke was inspired by senseless killings taking place in America during the early and mid-ninties by young people.  He wanted this film to resonate with Americans.  Funny Games (1997) had little distribution in the States as it is difficult to market foreign language films with such content ie. realistic domestic violence.  I proposed to screen both versions of this film simultaneously, side by side, as an investigation not only into the films but into the psyche of a European audience and an American one.
photo above: Funny Games (1997)  below: Funny Games US (2007)


The heat wave returns to Rotterdam!  Pleasure designer, Yoann, presents his portable sauna in the garden of WOLFART Projectspace.  There will also be a small wading pool to ice your burning toes in case it is too damn steamy in there.  He will also show some parts of his film about Japanese baths and obsession with controlling water as a design element, in the main exhibition space.  Get there early for the BBQ.  DJ’s will also be on hand.  The bar opens as 6pm.  Please wear appropriate attire, that means bring your bikini, one-piece, speedo, trunks or board shorts.  We don’t need to see your junk.  6pm- Midnight:  BBQ, SAUNA, DJ’s.  31-July-2010


Afrobeat / Trance / Visueel / Tropisch / Sludge-isch / Snake-isch / Amateurisch / and definitely Pit-less…....

18:00 BBQ plus DNK DJ Unit: Masterfader and the Snail

19:30 Sludge Magnet (ams)
20:45 Zonder Pit (r’dam)
21:30 Baby Copperhead (ny)
22:15 Eklin (r’dam)
+ 23:00 FYOELK (ams)
 23:30 DNK DJ Unit: Masterfader and the Snail

There will be both vegetarian and non-veggie food for the BBQ but if you have a specific need then feel free to bring what you like 

saturday 5 june
 W_Lf_rt Projectspace


An exhibition around the notion of receiving guests and the aesthetics of such spaces in which guests are received whether it be in a home, hotel or office.

Artists Include: Ghislain Amar, Ties ten Bosch, Derek Brunen, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Karin Hueber, Catherine Ross, Martijn In’t Veld, Lorelinde Verhees

Organized by: Roderick Hietbrink and Joshua Thies

Official Opening: Friday 28 May 20:00 Wolfart Projectspace will be open during Het Kunstweekend Charlois 28-31 May


Painting, Photography, Performance

Artists: Nina Boas, Laura d’Ors, Ana Fernandez, John Giskes, Yu Kuramoto, Ronan Lane, Joshua Thies

4-8 February 2010 13:00-17:00 Opening 6 February 18:00-21:00 during Art Rotterdam’s South Tour.  This exhibition includes work from artists who are involved with WOLFART Projectspace by volunteering, living/working on Wolphaertstraat and creating new artworks specific to the neighborhood.


An exhibition to see and hear images and sound, art and music.

Artists: Priscilla Fernandes as Ana Garcini, Gerwin Luijendijk, Joshua Thies, Diana Duta, Rick Bahto

Five artists who work in their music and sound art. The exhibition includes works from different media such as drawings, video / film, installation and natural sound. Within the exhibition the function of music in art is explored. Music as a strengthening experience, musical logic as a working method and the use of mechanization in music.

With live performances by EKLIN and Der Einzelgangers.

THE HEROIC                                     link

11-15 June 2008
Curated by Maxine Kopsa
Works by:  Isa Andreu (ES), Hadar Bernstein(IL), Rachel Carey (USA), Cornelia Heusser (CH), Aline Keller (CH), Anke Kuipers (NL),
Esperanza Rosales (USA/BZ), David Stamp (UK), Joshua Thies (USA) and Kathrin Wolkowicz (DE/PL).
 With a special performance by Jeffrey Lewis
Wednesday June 11th 15.00

I knew of a man that jumped from windows
He shot Argus in his eyes
He shot my horse with his arrows.
We welcomed him with rose parades
And gave him a podium.
He forgot his words and failed his speech
A porcelain statue he's become.
I shook his hand, kissed his feet;
He's a pendant now, buried at sea.
His name misspelled with plastic and pearls
Selling the tale of a mythic deed,
That blinded my horse Argus.