(((((Rotterdam Art And Radio)))))

Rotterdam Art And Radio is a sonic platform for experiments in audible artworks based in Rotterdam-South.  The project was initiated by Joshua Thies in June 2016 as an extension of his sound-based studio practice.  Since the beginning it has become a monthly podcast with over 100 guests and collaborators.  Essentially, RAAR aims to promote live performance of audible artworks via live audio streaming from various sites throughout the city of Rotterdam and beyond.  RAAR specializes in curated podcasts, live streaming of art related lectures, performances and events plus audio documentation of art related happenings.  Check the links below for more information plus a list of our collaborators and partners.

RAAR archive on MIXLR

RAAR vs Operator

RAAR vs Anxious City Festival

RAAR identity by Oana Clitçan

Partners:  Concertzender, Dr. Klangendum, Operator, Roodkapje, Herman, v2, Autonomous Fabric Symposium, Conversas Berlin, Conversas Rotterdam, Wijnbar Koffie & Ambacht, PARK(ing) Day Festival, KABA HAT, Anxious City Festival, Zig Zag Festival, Charlois Speciaal Art Festival, Varia, WOLFART Projectspace, Route Du Noord, Time Window, Shimmer, Worm Pirate Bay, Wunderbar, Healing Places Urbanism, Publication Studio Rotterdam, MONO, Art Rotterdam Intersections, W139 Amsterdam, Peach Gallery, Gemaal Op Zuid Rotterdam, Club Gusto, Attent Projectspace, Gallery Struitenweg, MADLAB, Fair Design Plein, MAMA, OMI Rotterdam, and more to come.