Re:Rotterdam 2013

Solo Exhibition: Joshua Thies
Art Fair from 6-10 February. 'Non-action at a distance' is a title that attempts to describe the fundamentals of this work. Both the drawings and the video work were inspired by many hours floating around our virtual Earthscape otherwise known as Google Earth. It is not only about the patterns we can see from such a distance as that of orbiting satellites but also what gazing at our planet can mean for our sense of ownership or possession of territory. The images in the video work were captured via Google Earth in the outback of Australia and the text comes from various sources about the history of photography and flight, self-help/motivational books and finally a fictional element written by myself. In the drawing I wanted to capture various ways of seeing surfaces at both micro and macro distances. Therefore the images you see refer to places on Earth's surface that can be viewed via satellite or high altitude flight photography as well as microscopic imagery based on forms created by nano technology. Each image is a mixture of human intervention in the landscape and human intervention in artificial production of microscopic surfaces.