Sonic Postcard from Rotterdam

Radio Program hosted by Audio Foundation:  
Sound artist, Joshua Thies and Urban Researcher Veronica Olivotto set out to discover white noise and pollution in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
Hailing from The United States and Italy respectively, the two have called Rotterdam their home for the past 5 years.  

 "As the largest port city in Europe, Rotterdam is resonating with the sound of industry from container yards, major shipping lanes on the river Maas, freeways across the lowlands, public transit and a small airport on the outskirts of the city.  Noise pollution, from those and other sources, is perceived as a problem in the city, causing sleep disorders, increasingly forcing families to move to quieter locations out of the city.
One of the deterrents of noise pollution, ironically, can be ‘white noise’, a competing constant or recurrent sound, dissolving into the local environment. In this postcard we aim to search for samples of noise pollution and white noise in the city, find the meaning of these notions as well as possible points of overlap or ambiguity.”  

Listen to:  Sonic Postcards Episode III